he team at Expo Residential Park celebrated а significant progress in the development of their project, laying the final brick and confidently moving towards the next phase of construction. Located in close proximity to the Inter Expo Center metro station, the new residential block emerges as one of the most attractive places to live in the capital, thanks to its modern architecture and high-tech execution. Furthermore, direct access to the metro offers exceptional convenience for future residents, meeting their requirements for fast and easy transportation in the busy daily life of the city. To provide its residents with comfort and unparalleled amenities, the project includes the use of high-quality Schuco windows, model 75.SI+, known for its exceptional thermal insulation and preferred choice for skyscrapers worldwide. This feature ensures not only energy efficiency but also increased comfort for the inhabitants. For more information, interested parties can contact the EXPO Residential Park team and closely explore the possibilities offered by this innovative residential complex.

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