CITYHOME – a proven but different construction and investment partner


In a world where science and technology dictate new rules, it's challenging to move forward without change. That's why CITYHOME decided to be much more than an ordinary construction and investment partner, upholding quality and European standards for project execution. The company's long-term strategy is to become a true story that transports us into the future of modern design and technology. Inspired by corporate style and innovations in the industry, CITYHOME is not just changing; it is transforming its entire corporate identity. The company is committed to a greener vision, which will find broad reflection in all its future projects. With consistent actions in line with its long-term plan, the company introduces its interactive website -, which is not just a virtual space but a true innovation tailored to the needs of consumers. The launch of also brings two major projects that will give the capital a greener and cozier image, befitting modern cosmopolitan cities now and in the future. The concept of maintaining high quality, applying professional expertise in construction, using energy-efficient materials, and combining innovation and functionality makes CITYHOME the preferred choice for long-term investments and real estate sales. Last but not least, CITYHOME represents the innovative idea of upgrading facilities and transforming them into a green oasis, where nature becomes an integral part of our lives. With its new image and ambitious plans, CITYHOME will strengthen its position not only in Bulgaria but also in the European market as a leading construction and investment company that not only designs residential buildings but creates real homes where people can feel comfortable and safe, embedding the future into our modern world.